Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding or Bridal Shower Coffee Favors

I haven't been posting any recipes lately because we have been living in a hotel for a couple months!  We were looking for a house in our new city and now we are waiting for it to close.  So we have to eat out or prepare pretty simple meals.  Nothing worth blogging about.

Anyhow, I wanted to share these bridal shower favors that I made for my brother's new wife's bridal shower.  My sister and I threw a tea coffee party bridal shower and we didn't have much time to plan it.  The wedding was at my parents' house and the only place where we could have the shower (away from the guys! and the craziness of preparing for a wedding! and because we had to have the shower the same day as the wedding due to everyone coming in from out of town) was in my mom's room!  She has a fireplace in there and so it was really cozy.  Our decorations were hot pink with black & white plates & candles and stuff.

Once we brought in a table and all the chairs and decorated (and once the bride came in!), the bed & dresser just faded into the background so it felt more like we were in a cute little bistro than in a bedroom.  We bought some pastries, and my sister made muffins & a delicious egg/bacon/cheese/biscuit casserole.  I wish she would make a cooking blog because no matter what she cooks, it comes out DELICIOUS.  She is like King Midas but with food.

To make the favors, here is what you need:

-Small paper bags (from Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
-Printable shipping labels
-Ziploc sandwich bags

I made the labels using WordArt (on Microsoft Word) and the Avery template for the shipping labels (which you can download from Avery's website).  I used the saying "The Perfect Blend" but since they were for a bridal shower it would've also been cute to use "Bridal Blend."  (Oh and I used their actual names instead of "Bride & Groom" :)  I printed the labels out and stuck them on the bags.  Then I put about 8 tablespoons of coffee into a Ziploc bag for each favor before putting the coffee into the paper sacks.  I folded over the top of the bag, stapled it, and then glued the ribbon on the top.    

I'm not much of a crafty person, so I'm really proud of how cute these turned out!